Copies of History signs now on display

Tuross residents and visitors might have noticed the two new plinths out at the highway adjacent to the town map sign (and layby) that have newly installed history information boards attached. Though some do stop here many don't and as such many in the community don't know what is on the plaques. The same applies to the information pedestal at the top of the golf course at the end of the viewing layby. Most however would have already enjoyed the one on the cycleway near the Memorial Gardens entrance celebrating Hector McWilliam and the other two overlooking the boatsheds commemorating the now demolished Progress Association hall and the history of the boatsheds. The Tuross Head Progress Association has now received copies of all six of the newly installed history signs that are now displayed in the meeting room at Kyla Park Hall to help convey the history of Tuross to visitors to the Hall.

In a first for Council they have given permission for these items to be hung along with two recently gifted paintings of the Tuross Head area. Next time you are at the hall have a read. The THPA is now working on adding a few more storyboards to the collection of history signs around the town.

Photo by John Tilbrook

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