Backyard chicken workshop - Nov 19th

SAGE will be holding a workshop on Backyard Chickens on Saturday 19 November 8.30am - 2pm at the SAGE Garden This is part of the Productive Vegetable gardening workshop series and presented by Fraser Bayley.

Backyard Chickens – Saturday 12 November 2016 | 8.30am – 2pm


Chickens are the ultimate sustainability machine – in the garden, they happily scratch up weeds, seeds, and grubs while feeding the garden with their manure, they love to consume most kitchen scraps and are a good supplier of fresh quality eggs. In this full day workshop, you will learn how to integrate chickens into your garden and we will build a simple chicken tractor. Topics include:

  • Identify the benefits and problems with keeping chickens.

  • Choose the right chicken breed and number, for your needs.

  • Essential requirements for creating a healthy and happy life for your chickens –food, shelter, space and bird health.

  • Problem-solving.

  • Housing options. Media Release

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