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SCPA - South East Producers newsletter out now

Did you know that there's a weekly emailed newsletter called SCPA* News that has information about sustainable, local production, especially food production, in SE NSW. It is a community noticeboard for local food growers, suppliers or consumers to make offers and requests, to share news and to advertise their activities.

SCPA News lists ideas and events suitable for backyard producers as well as small farmers. There's also information about local food swaps, courses etc. Anyone can send information for publication, and the service is free.

To subscribe to SCPA News go to the SCPA website (scpa.org.au) or email news@scpa.org.au.

*SCPA (pronounced 'scarper') originally stood for 'Sapphire Coast Producers Association' but the organisation now stretches from Wollongong to Victoria, and from the coast inland to Braidwood, Canberra, Cooma and Berridale. So the trading name is now SCPA-South East Producers.