Fitz and Tony Turner

In this weeks commentary from Peter FitzSimons he refers to a letter received from Tony Turner of Tuross Head:

Tony wrote: Dear TFF, In the late nineteen-forties I sold newspapers on the corner of Fourth and Grand in Los Angeles. I had a little trolley that I parked outside the barbershop with the Herald and Daily News on it and added my voice to the cacophony. It was the end of town where the punch-drunk ex-boxers hung out. They were hard to tell apart: bald, screwed-up little ears, scarred brows, vacant expression, husky voices. The proprietor of the barbershop had a little bell, an exact replica of the bell at the boxing ringside, and on occasion he would ring it and these poor creatures would struggle to their feet and spar at the nearest shadow. Much hilarity would ensue among the "gilded youth" in the barbershop. I have hated the concept of boxing ever since.I wish I hadn't written this down. I won't sleep tonight. Tony Click here to read Fitz's response

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