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100 Years Ago - January 1st 1921


A big day’s sport, with Cinderella at night, will take place at Nelligen to-day.

UP-TO-DATE.– Mr. J. Hanson’s new Ford motor lorry has arrived and has been put into action in conveying his cordials from his factory to the customers.

“EXAMINERS” WANTED.— We require about half-a-dozen copies of last week’s “Examiner.” Will subscribers who have finished with their paper kindly return to this office?

NARROW ESCAPE.– After crossing the ferry at Nelligen one of the cars bearing a number of “Th’ Drolls” company, failed to answer the helm and backed down the slope leading to the river. If the punt had not blocked its backward career the car and occupants must have entered the water. This mishap was narrowly averted, and after much difficulty the car was removed from its periless position. (The troupe of variety entertainers were on their way from Braidwood to Moruya.)

UNIVERSITY STUDENTS.– The town and district are well represented in published lists of University passes. Last Saturday’s papers contained the names of Miss Vera M. Colefax (Moruya), Miss Lily Brown (Bodalla) and Miss Electra P. Rankin (Eurobodalla) all of whom are in the Arts course. An earlier table contained the name of Mr. Alan Annetts (Mogo) who has just successfully completed his fourth year in the faculty of Medicine.


The Magisterial Inquiry was held by Mr. W. Jermyn, J.P., on 23rd Dec., 1920, as to the cause of death of John Thomas Brogan and Kathleen Margaret Brogan, of Moruya.

Daniel John O’Neill deposed: I am Sergeant of Police and reside at Moruya. Last night at about 8 p.m. in consequence of something that was told to me I came to the Moruya River just below the Moruya Hospital, and shortly after arrival I commenced dragging the river with grappling irons from a boat. Constable Fuller and others were in another boat dragging the river also, and at 8.40 p.m. I saw Constable Fuller recover the body from deep water of the man whom I identified as John Thomas Brogan, and almost immediately after he recovered the body of a young girl whom I was told was Kathleen Margaret Brogan. Every effort was made by me, the doctor and others to restore life….

William John Fuller deposed said: I am a Police Constable stationed at Moruya. Last night at 8.40 o’clock I recovered from the Moruya River the bodies of John Thomas Brogan and Kathleen Margaret Brogan. The bodies were about twenty feet from the bank of the river and in about twelve feet of water.

Philomena Brogan deposed said: Yesterday evening I was bathing in the Moruya River near the Hospital with my sister Kathleen Margaret who was 14 years of age, my brother Jack who is 12 years old, Ellie who is 11 years of age, Josephine who is 8 years old, and three other children aged 6, 5 and 3 years, all my brothers and sisters. My own age is 16 years. We all came to the river together, accompanied by our father, John Thomas Brogan at about 7 p.m. We all went into the river to bathe, with the exception of my father. After we had been in the water about a quarter of an hour, my brother Jack got into trouble in the water by getting out of his depth, and he cried out for help. My sister Ellie went to help him. I afterwards saw my father in the water. …

On account of the shock my mother is too unwell to attend this inquest. My father could swim and Jack can swim a little, but neither I nor any of the others are able to swim. My father was 53 years of age on the 29th Oct. last, and Kathleen was 14 years of age on the 17th of February last. I do not know if my father left a will or if his life was insured. He owned the house in which we live and about two acres of land adjoining. My father was not a strong man; he was in a delicate state of health.

John Brogan, deposed said: - I am 12 years of age and am the son of the deceased John Thomas Brogan and brother of the deceased Kathleen Margaret Brogan and reside at Gundary, Moruya. …

I was in the water about a quarter of an hour when I found myself out of my depth, I called out for help and Ellie came to my rescue. My father then came into the water and someone pulled me into shallow water. I then saw Kathleen struggling in the water and called to father to save her. Father turned round and I saw him sink in the water. He did not rise to the surface again. My sister Philomena tied some clothing together and threw one end out to Kathleen, but was unable to reach her, as the clothing was washed down by the tide. Kathleen then sank, but rose twice before disappearing finally. I have seen the bodies of my father and sister since they were recovered from the water. Mr. Shoebridge arrived on the scene about two minutes after Kathleen sank and I saw him diving in the river endeavouring to recover the bodies.

John Francis Shoebridge deposed, said: I am a timber agent and reside at Milton. Yesterday evening about 7.15 duck I heard screaming from the river bank. I looked towards the river, but could see no one. I ran down to the river and saw several children in bathing costumes on the bank. They told me that their father and sister Kathleen were in the water and pointed to where they last saw them. I immediately went into the water and dived until exhausted, and could not locate the bodies. A man named Colefax came along in a boat and he also dived into the water, but he was unable to locate the bodies.