100 Years Ago - August 21st 1920

PROPERTY SOLD.— R.B. Heffernan reports having disposed of Mr. Frank White’s cottage and allotment at Gundary to Mr. M. White, formerly of Steam Packet Hotel, Nelligen.

SAD DEATH.– Deep indeed was the sympathy expressed for the young widow and children, when the sad news came through on Thursday afternoon that Mr. S. Bastian had died in Berry Hospital, whither he had been taken eleven day previously and had been operated upon for an abscess near the appendix. Mr. Bastian, who had charge of our local Post Office for about 12 months, made friends with all whom he came in contact. As an officer he popularised himself with the general public by his courteous and obliging manner. He took a keen interest in all kinds of sport and, was ever ready to assist in the cause of charity. …...

Miss Gladys Atfield eldest daughter of Mr. C. Atfield of Mantle Hill, and who has been in Tillocks’ Office, Sydney, for over three years was presented by the employees of that firm with an engraved gold wristlet watch. Miss Atfield has now joined the staff of a large warehouse in York St.

A good joke is being told in connection with the Hospital Ball on Wednesday night. Mr. C. Parbery, president of the institution, was looking after the men’s cloak room. A visitor, who did not know him, asked what the cost was for looking after his coat, etc. Mr. Parbery replied that there was no charge. ‘Well,’ said the visitor, slyly slipping the coin into Mr. Parbery’s hand, ‘here’s a bob for yourself, old chap!’

TOMAKIN. (From our Correspondent) A pleasant evening was spent at the local school on Tuesday, August 3rd, when the people of the surrounding district assembled to say farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Rein and Miss Hudson, who are shortly leaving the district for Bega. While holding the position of teacher at the village school Mr. Rein won the respect and esteem of both parents and children. Being ably seconded by his worthy wife, who, with the assistance of their friend and companion, Miss Hudson, much good work has been wrought in the district. ...

PUBLIC NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that Mr. H. Ball has been appointed to supervise the timber on my Long Vale property. (Mrs.) F. Emmott.

NAROOMA (From our Correspondent). On Friday night last Narooma was en fete. The occasion being the grand Catholic Ball, which has so long been looked forward to. It is some years since an affair of such splendour has eventuated in this District—and certainly the fair secretaries, Miss Doss O’Connor and Eileen Lynch, are to be congratulated on the way they and their willing bank of assistants brought the affair to the remarkably high result of £36, besides providing enjoyment for so many—and re-instating this Annual event on the lists of social functions at Narooma. …. The R.C. community are most thankful to Mr. and Mrs Knott for decorating the hall in such a superb fashion.

The stage as a drawing room was done with lace curtains and large mirrors, gipsy tables, palms and arm chairs and lounges, whilst from the ceiling was suspended floral and fern ropes caught up with numerous pink and silver fairy lights which cast a soft rose hue over the assemblage and their many handsome dresses. The walls of the main hall were adorned with great branches of peach blossom in full bloom—sheaves of Arum lillies and large bows of sage green silk.

Following is a list of the dresses worn:- Mrs Taylor, black ninon over silk gold bugle trimmings; Mrs O’Connor black crepe-de-chine, jet trimmings; Mrs Des. Burke costume of nigger brown; Mrs Wm. Morris black mery silk;…….Miss Ettie Fuller pink georgette and pailette; Miss Queenie Fuller champagne and blue crepe-de-chine; Miss Maggie Heffernan (Moruya) black pailette; Miss Kate O’Connor shell pink Roman Satin draped with shadow lace and black velvet. …. (Note the full list of dresses is recorded in the paper.)

Above: Tomakin school.   This photo is probably taken around 1900.