100 Years Ago - April 17th 1920

CONSCIENCE MONEY.- The postal authorities have received a packet posted at the Moruya Post Office, containing £10 in notes and silver and addressed, “To the P.M.G., stolen money.”


Monday, 26th April, 1920


Maiden Hunt – 1st prize £1 10/-, 2nd 10/-

Flag Race – 1st prize £1, 2nd 5/-

Rescue Race - 1st prize £1, 2nd 5/-

Single Scull Boat Race - 1st prize £1, 2nd 10/-

Double Scull Boat Race - 1st prize £1, 2nd 10/-

Tent Pegging, Slicing the Lemon and other events if time permits.

Pool Shooting on the Range 10 a.m. to 12.30. Open to All Comers.


In Turlinjah Hall

Double Ticket 4/- Single Ticket 2/6

Lady’s Ticket 1/6

Admission to Ground 1/- Luncheon 1/6

J.R. GREIG Sec. B.R.C Sports Committee.

RICKETS.- The cattle disease commonly referred to in this district as ‘rickets’ or ‘coastal disease’ is classified by Government veterinary officers as Osteomalacia, and is described as being confined to certain localities only. The best method of combating the disease, it is stated, is to arrest it in early stages by giving the affected animals a complete change of country.

MORUYA RIVER. Oyster Lease

Lease no. 10694: Timothy Wray: Parish of Moruya, County of Dampier: 100 yards. On a southern bank, being identical with the area covered by the applicant’s oyster lease no. 4366, which expired on 31st March 1920. 15 years.


The monthly meeting of the above Council was held in the Shire Hall on 14th inst.

The tender for road work, Bateman’s Bay, was considered too high, and the engineer was instructed to have the work done by day labor.

The tender of Mr. C. Latta for working the ferry punt at Bateman’s Bay, being the lowest, was accepted, subject to the approval of the Minister for Local Govt.

The tender of Mr. J.E. Hawdon (the lowest) as Shire Valuator, was accepted.

It was resolved that the following weeds be declared noxious throughout the Shire, viz: Bathurst Burr, Blackberry, Sweet Briar, Red Ink Plant, Water Hyacinth, Wild Veryena and Purple Top.

Letter from Mr. S. W. Bate asking permission to obtain material for levelling off the foundation of the Soldiers’ Memorial at Central Tilba from the side of the road. Permission was granted under supervision of the Council’s leading hand at Tilba.

Letter from the Soldiers” Memorial Association, Nelligen asking permission to erect a Memorial on the high bank near the Public School fronting Braidwood Street. Permission was granted.

A Slaughtering Licence was granted to Roy R. Turnbull, of Moruya.

The engineer was instructed to call tenders for the erection of a new bridge over Dignam’s Creek.

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