100 years ago - 23 July 1921

VITAL STATISTICS. - Mr. P. H. Mills, our obliging C.P.S. has kindly supplied us with the following statistics for the quarter ending 30th June: - Marriages 5; births, males 10, females 15, total 25; deaths, males 12, females 4, total 16.

LOSS. – Mr. A. Russell suffered a severe loss on Sunday through the death of a fine upstanding draught colt, which he purchased at a high figure a few months ago. The animal was in the pink of condition, Mr. Russell having just had him brought in from the bush paddock preparatory to placing him in work. At 2 o’clock on Sunday afternoon the colt was grazing, and an hour later he was seen to whirl around and around, then stagger and fall. Mr. Russell and Mr. C. Stubbs succeeded in dragging the horse out of a hole into which he had fallen, but not knowing the cause, were unable to relieve him of the terrible pain from which he was apparently suffering. After a couple of hours’ writhing and groaning the animal died, and in the morning the skin had turned green. As this is the second or third horse that had died in this district under similar conditions, we would like our local Stock Inspector to give our readers an idea of the cause of these deaths.

£100 FOR NEW MAP. – “The Commonwealth,” a new Australian weekly, is offering £100 in prizes for a map showing the best division of Australia into between thirty and fifty provinces (as far as practicable by a grouping of existing municipalities), with reasons for the boundaries recommended, and appropriate names for the suggested provinces.

ACCIDENT. – On Wednesday, Mr. Harry Mehl had a miraculous escape from death whilst working in the bush. He was squaring a log about ten yards from his brother Frank, who was scoring and taking flitches off a log. When in the act of splitting off a flitch Frank somehow slipped and in doing so the axe slipped from his hands and struck Harry on the side of his head, slicing off a portion about the size of a five-shilling piece. Only for Franks presence of mind in calling “Look out,” and Harry immediately ducking his head, the probabilities are that he would have been killed instantly. The victim was at once brought into Dr. Quilter who dressed the wound.

THIEVES AGAIN. – That stealthy winter night bird, known as the “woodpecker,” is again very active in our midst. Hearing a suspicious noise at his wood-heap very early the other morning, Mr. Dan Buckley got out of bed to investigate, but unfortunately the “bird” had flown. There is one consolation for those who are having their firewood surreptitiously removed, is that the sneak will not require any in the next world, as a cosy warm corner in his Satanic Majesty’s home is being prepared for him.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc. https://www.mdhs.org.au