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100 Years Ago 20th March 1920

BODALLA BALL.- The courteous secretary, Mr W. Connors, informs us that it has been decided to hold a Juvenille Ball on the 6thApril, the night after their R.C. Ball at Bodalla. To create an interest in the worthy function a prize of 10/6 will be given to the child wearing the best fancy costume.

IMPORTANT NOTICE.- The attention of the property owners within the Sanitary area of Moruya and Mullenderree is drawn to the advertisement of the Shire Council in this issue. Hitherto this charge has been upon the occupier of a property as for services rendered under the new Local Government Act which came into force on 1st January last, the owner of the property is rateable and the rate is a charge on the land. Unless landlords are charitably disposed and willing to stand the expense, they will have to make their own arrangements with their tenants, either by increase of rents or otherwise.

VOTING TO-DAY. No matter how disgusted the electors may feel with our politicians of the past, it is their bounden duty to go to the poll to-day and give their No. 1, No. 2 and No. 3 votes for the candidates they think most likely to legislate for the country’s good. We publish elsewhere instructions “How to vote”, and trust that the electors of this district will follow them to the letter in order that there will be no informal votes and the intelligence of the district upheld in this connection. Don’t forget that each of the 12 names on the ballot paper must have a number in front of it from 1 to 12, and that no number must be used twice, otherwise your vote will be informal. About nine or ten years ago this paper advocated a THIRD or COUNTRY PARTY in order to smash up machine politics, which has been the curse of this young country and was laughed at and ridiculed by some of its contemporaries. We are pleased to note now, however, that these same papers are behind the third party, which is contesting the elections as the Progressive or Country Party. We are not going to dictate to our readers how they should vote, but may be permitted to state just here that for our part we intend to give our preferential votes to the Progressive Party and our No. 1 to the brilliant and patriotic young Australian native Mr. W. H. Tomkins.

SPORTING PELLETS. Sporting men in the district will be sorry to hear that Mr Fenning’s good little mare, Bartelle, injured her hind foot so severely at the Braidwood races that she has not yet recovered sufficiently to be able to return to her head quarters at Bateman’s Bay. Silver Threat, another highly bred horse broke down so badly at the recent Braidwood races, that the owner disposed of him for the small sun of £15 to Mr. J. Greenwood, of Major’s Creek. Prior to coming to Braidwood this horse was valued at about £200.

EUROBODALLA SHIRE COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of Eurobodalla Shire Council held on the 9th inst. was attended by President Hutchinson, Crs. Annetts, Flood and H.J. Bate.

CORRESPONDENCE. From P.H. Mills, Moruya, asking the Council to have a public holiday proclaimed for Easter Tuesday. Application refused on the ground of inconvenience to the general public.

From J.T. Keating, Bermagui, asking for extension of time for the delivery of timber for the Dignam’s Creek bridge. One month extension granted from the 25th February.

From the Progress Assn., Moruya, asking that the south side of Queen-street be kerbed and guttered, and foot path re-formed. Referred to the engineer for report.

From Progress Assn., Nerrigundah, asking for the widening of the road to Utopia from Brice’s turn-off and for a new road from between Connolly’s and Murphy’s. Referred to engineer for report.