100 Years Ago - 19th November 1921

A BIG HALL. – When completed the new hall or picture palace, now in course of erection by Mr. Preddy, in Vulcan Street, immediately opposite Mr. Martin Keating’s Hotel, will be spacious enough to take in the Mechanic’s and Centennial halls side by side. What a glorious waltzing pavilion.

GOLF CLUB AT NAROOMA. – Narooma is determined not to be behind the times, as this popular summer resort, formerly the home of fish and oysters, has secured ground for a golf links. A meeting of the residents was held in the School of Arts on Saturday last, and it was decided to form a club and get a professional from Sydney to lay out the course so as to take the most out of the ground available. The following were elected as officers, viz., President, Mr. George W. Dunbar; Vice-President, Mr. Cecil T. Carter; Council, Dr. Birmingham, Messrs. John McMillan, Carl Mitchell, Lance Davison, George Thomson, Arthur Costin, W. Rowlands and Miss Q. Costin; Secretary and Treasurer pro tem, Miss Imelda Lynch (Coronation Hotel) ….It is expected that the links will be ready for playing on about Christmas time, so that tourists will be able to enjoy a round on a nine hole course. The links run along the cliffs, and the view of the Pacific adds greatly to the pleasure of playing.

Above: The entrance to Wagonga Inlet Narooma

ACCIDENT. - An accident occurred on Tuesday, the result of which Mr. J. Gibbon had a small bone in his foot broken. Mr. Gibbon, who was on his usual trip from the sawmill with his timber wagon and team, was descending the hill to Ryan’s Creek, west of Bergalia, when he jumped off the shafts to escape a branch of a tree which had become entangled in the wheels. In doing so his ankle, usually weak, gave way, causing him to fall, and the wheel passed over his foot. Dr. Cutler attended the patient, putting his foot in plaster of Paris.

EUCHRE PARTY. – A most successful euchre party and dance was held in the Centennial Hall on Tuesday, the event being organized by the fair Secretaries, Mrs. Sebbens and Miss A. Johnson, to assist in augmenting the forthcoming Convent Ball funds. Considering the unpropitious state of the weather there was a splendid attendance, 120 players competing for the six valuable prizes…. Mr. J. Spinks was the winner of the first prize – a turkey, Master Fisher Crapp securing second – a bag of corn. Mrs. P. Lynch presenting the next best card annexed the cheese, Mr. Claude Coppin receiving as his reward a watch, whilst an electric torch and a tin of tea were won by Miss Mary Staunton and Mr. A. W. Constable respectively.

PERSONAL & OTHERWISE. – Sir Samuel Hordern and party, in a luxurious Rolls Royce car, passed through Moruya on Saturday on their way to Sydney from the Melbourne Cup.

Mr. P. J. Heffernan, of Candelo, has been on a visit to his father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. R. Heffernan, of Yarragee. P. J., who has amassed enough of this world’s goods to retire at will, returned home on Wednesday.

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