100 Years Ago - 18th June 1921

MAIN South Coast road to be altered to “The Princes Highway.”

BLOOD POISONING. – Mr. W. Lynch, J.P., of Mogo, is suffering from a blood poisoned arm, and is an outdoor patient of the local hospital.

SUDDEN ILLNESS. – While attending the Poultry Club’s Cinderella on Saturday night, the Secretary, Mr. H. P. Jeffery, was suddenly seized with a giddiness, and the promptitude of Mr. Dal Irwin who caught him, saved him from a nasty fall. The symptoms were so alarming, the patient in a few minutes becoming delirious, that medical aid was sought. Mr. Jeffery was removed to his sister’s (Mrs. Seldon) home, where he remained in as state of delirium for an hour. After a few day’s rest we are pleased to state Mr. Jeffery recovered from his sudden indisposition.

HARD TIMES. – Many papers are finding it hard to keep going. Since 1913 over 180 newspapers have closed down or changed hands. The latest to put up the shutters is an old-established, one-time daily paper in prosperous Lismore, where a fine plant is now for sale cheap.

NARROW ESCAPE. – Inspector Wilson, of the Schools Department, was motoring down the mountain to Nelligen at the beginning of last week when his car ran wide, and after mounting the bank at the side of the road turned over and pinned him to the ground. Luckily, Mr. Wilson escaped injury, and after being released and his car righted again, he continued to Nelligen.

CAUTION. – Teamsters and others are cautioned by the Shire Council in this issue against carrying heavy loads over any public road during or immediately after wet weather.

Above: A Bullock Team in Vulcan Street, Moruya

PERSONAL AND OTHERWISE. – Someone has truly remarked that money can do a lot for a man – but it won’t do as much as some men will do for money.

It is very difficult to get stupid people to change their opinions, for they find it so hard to get an idea that they don’t like to lose one.

Dr. Page, M.H.R., says he favors the subdivision of the States with greater local governing powers, and to abandon our present ostrich-like system of Government.

EUROBODALLA SHIRE. – Correspondence: From John McMillan, Narooma, re drowning of his two horses at Narooma ferry. The Clerk was instructed to write and inform Mr. McMillan that the Council regrets the accident, but does not accept any responsibility for same. From War Trophy committee, Bergalia, asking permission to erect a building for their trophy on the unused road between the school and the store. From National Roads Association, re alteration of the “Main South Coast Road” to “The Prince’s Highway.” The Clerk was instructed to make the necessary arrangements. From Bateman’s Bay Progress Association, asking: (1) That the gazettal of the urban area and installation of a pan sanitary service be expedited. (2) That the matter of a water supply for township be again considered. (3) That a culvert or crossing be constructed on the Beach road, near the Hanging Rock.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc. https://www.mdhs.org.au

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