100 Years Ago - 16th July 1921

NEW POLICE STATION. – The new Police Station and residence at Nelligen is now finished, and on Monday Constable and Mrs. Bentley moved into their up-to-date home.

POLICE COURT. – At the Police Court on Wednesday before Mr. Shropshire, P.M. for obscene language S. Honan was fined £5 and 8/- costs, and for driving on the footpath M. Deane was fined £2 and 8/- costs.

A “NASTY” ONE. – The poor birds get little of their own back at last in the recent pronouncement of the Wildlife Preservation Society: “Don’t get the idea that birds were designed for our adornment. That is a time-worn tale arising out of female selfishness and vanity. Anyway, from the beauty standpoint, the feathers suit the birds better than they do human beings.”

PTOMAINE POISON. - His many friends will regret to hear that Mr. Jack Wilson, commercial traveller, was suddenly ill on Sunday, just after arrival in Moruya. Medical aid was sought, and the patient was found to be suffering with ptomaine poisoning. On his journey to Moruya Mr. Wilson several times partook of some roast fowl which he had in a hamper, and to this tasty bit of food, which, when exposed to the air, may have been attacked by a germ, the doctor attributed the cause of illness. The patient is now progressing favorably.

MR. Thos. Templeman, an old resident of the Clyde River, died on Tuesday.

THE incident at Moruya v Bodalla football match where the referee was struck at and abused was ventilated at the Moruya Police Court on Wednesday when George Watson, one of the footballers, was fined £2 and 50s costs.

RING up No. 34 if you want Mr. H. P. Jeffery, Secretary A. & P. Society, Moruya Co-op Cheese Co., P. P. Union, etc. as the telephone has just been installed at his premises “Greenwood.”

1920's telephone commonly used in rural Australia.

DEATH. – Mr. James Millar died at the residence of Mr. D. Mison, Ninderra, on Thursday night. Deceased had been in a low state of health for many months and his end was hourly expected.

RIFLE MATCH. – The fourth contest between Bergalia and Central Tilba riflemen for the Millen Challenge Shield was held o the Bergalia range on Saturday last, resulting in a win for Bergalia by five points.

Central Tilba won the shield at Bergalia in the introductory shoot in 1915. Bergalia journeyed to Central Tilba twice to compete for it, losing the first time by a few points and making a tie in the second attempt.

Rules governing ties in the competition says: All ties must be shot off on a neutral range, and as there are no neutral ranges in the competition now, it was decided to have the shoot-off on the Bergalia range.

A. W. Greig was top scorer for the day with a total of 67 out of a possible 70. R. Greig and H. Trapp tied for second place with 65 each. Captain Eare was responsible for a complete set of bulls at 500 yards, and at the same time establishing a lead of six points. On the completion of the 500 yards Bergalia led by four points. Great excitement prevailed when the last two shooters were down on the 600 yard mound. Bergalia was leading by four; on the fifth shot Central Tilba had reduced the deficit to a point. Two poor shots by the opponents saved the situation, giving Bergalia a narrow win.

Lunch and afternoon tea was served by the ladies, which met with the approval of the visiting team, who enjoyed themselves immensely.

Mr. Bate spoke of the beautiful ground, and said it was an ideal spot for a range, second to none on the coast, to say nothing of the place as a picnic ground. The shield now has a resting place in Mr. W. S. Nelson’s store window.

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc. https://www.mdhs.org.au