100 Years Ago - 11th June 1921

RAIN! - RAIN!! – RAIN!!!

MUD and slush.

SHIRE REPRESENTATIVE. - Mr. H. J. Bate has again been elected on the Executive of the Shires Association of N.S.W. He represents, on the executive, those Shires from the Victorian border to Baulkham Hills.

ATTEMPTED BURGLARY. – A few nights ago an attempt was made to break into Mr. Jas. Lennard’s little shop on the roadside at Turlinjah. The would-be thief tried to prize the window open with a paling, failing that he cut away all the putty from the pane of glass, but was evidently disturbed in the act, as the glass was not removed.

SERIOUS ACCIDENT. – On Monday last Mr. Martin Flynn, of Deua River, met with a serious and alarming accident. It appears that he left his home with a dray and two horses for a load of corn, and when proceeding downhill about a mile and a half from his house, the leading horse, which was minus reins, took fright and bolted. Having no control over the infuriated animal, Mr. Flynn took the risk and attempted to jump out, but unfortunately just at that moment the cart capsized and rebounding, righted itself. The horses stopped almost immediately. Mr. Flynn was found by his sisters in a pool of blood. It is surmised that when capsizing the cart struck him on the side of the head, rendering him unconscious and almost severing his ear, as well as receiving severe bruises about the head and face. Dr. Quilter was quickly in attendance and inserted several stitches in the ear and dressed the wounds. The patient is now progressing satisfactory.

Above: Martin Flynn on horseback at the Jubilee Inn Deua River 1905

THE WEATHER. – More heavy rain has fallen since our last issue, and the whole district is now thoroughly soaked. The heaviest fall was on Tuesday night when 166 points were recorded, the total for the week being 240 points.

AMPUTATION. – On Thursday Mr. Sinclair, of Bateman’s Bay, met with an accident at Perry’s mill through having his thumb severely lacerated by a circular saw. The patient was admitted to the local Hospital, where Dr. Cutler found it necessary to amputate the injured member.

PISCATORIAL. – Excellent catches are reported by our “rockhoppers” off the various points on our glorious sea shores. Mr. Weatherby recently captured a 12lb schnapper off Monaro Point, while another enthusiast landed a ten pounder. Beside these, the beach fishermen are catching plenty of black bream with sand worms.

DIFFICULT TRAVELLING. – To give an idea of the bad state of the roads through the continuous rains and heavy traffic of timber wagons, Mr. Weatherby’s mail car sank in the mud to the axles while on its way from Milton to Moruya on Thursday. The driver, Mr. Artie Weatherby, had considerable difficulty in extricating the car, and in doing so the conveyance was damaged through the tyre rack being torn away and the loosening of the petrol tank.


Her complaint: “Are you the editor of the paper?” asked the lady with the drab spats, calling.

“I am,” replied the man with the poised pencil.

“Well, I called to ask you if you wouldn’t get larger type. My name was in your paper five times last week, and a neighbor of mine told me she never saw it. “

Extracted from the Moruya Examiner by the Moruya and District Historical Society Inc. https://www.mdhs.org.au