100 years 5th March 1921

UNDESIRABLES. – A number of our exchanges report the presence of spielers, pickpockets, etc., at their respective shows. A number of “innocents” report losses of money, watches, chains, etc. Even the authorized side showmen are not above suspicion. Some people who bought watches from an astute fellow on the Bega showground are prepared to sell at a substantial reduction. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Our own Agricultural Show will take place next week.

THE FLY PEST. – Mr. P. Mills, C.P.S., has had at his office a small supply of chalcid wasps, which prey upon the sheep fly maggot. The wasps are very small, and can be handled without any danger, quite unlike the ordinary wasps. Householders should obtain a few, as these hymenopterous insects are also enemies of the small black fly.

PROFITEERING ACT. – It is not generally known under the Profiteering Act that Court proceedings may be instituted by any person in his private capacity against any storekeeper who can be shown to have made an undue profit on any article or goods sold. The case may be heard by a Stipendiary or Police Magistrate at the Court nearest the place where the defendant resides.

Q.C. EXAMINTION. – At the recent Q.C. examination held at Moruya Master Jack Preddy, pupil of Mr. N. Selden, of Newstead Public School, was successful of passing the test.

LET THERE BE LIGHT. – As darkness enveloped our town one evening during the week some thoughtful and benevolent individual placed a lighted candle in a bottle at the corner of Queen and Vulcan Sts. The illumination surely caused the blush of shame to rise in the cheeks of those ratepayers who turned down the street lighting scheme a few years ago.

PERSONAL & OTHERWISE. – Fatty Arbuckle is his greatest success, “A Desert Hero.” Star Theatre TO-NIGHT.

Messrs. Mitchell Bros., of Narooma, landed a fine team of draught horses from Sydney at Bermagui last week.

Mrs. W. H. Simpson, Miss Nina Simpson and Miss Eunice Emmott are on a visit to Moruya, the guests of Mrs. J. Emmott.

The newly married couple, Mr. and Mrs. E. Perdriau (nee Muriel Emmott) were in Moruya for a few days during the week receiving the congratulations of their many friends. They left on Tuesday for South travelling in their six-cylinder Hudson car on their way to Yarrangobilly Caves.

EUROBODALLA SHIRE. – The monthly meeting of the Shire Council was held on 2nd inst., and attended by President Hutchinson, Crs. A. J. Annetts, T. Flood, H. J. Mallon, H. and H. J. Bate. Correspondence from Lands Dept. re appointment of trustees of the Recreation Ground at Mogo. The clerk was instructed to notify the Dept. that Mr. Fred. Barling, of Tomakin, would accept the appointment as one of the trustees, and that the Council were endeavoring to obtain another gentleman to fill the vacancy.

From John P. Hyland, Narooma, asking permission to erect additions to his hotel property. Request granted, subject to the approval of Shire engineer.

From Chas. F. Latta, Bateman’s Bay, re alleged nuisance from burning sawdust at Fenning’s mill. Referred to Shire clerk for enquiry.

The question of kerbing and guttering and the formation of footpaths in the town of Moruya was made an order of the day for the next meeting.

FOR SALE. – Wattle Bark Plant. 20-HORSE Petrol Engine, large Wattle Bark Mill, 1 Waggonette, Belting, 1Avery Scales and Bagger, Price £110. Inspect at Morton & Co., Buckenboura.

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