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Bay Flying foxes are a bit on the nose

Residents around the Water Gardens, Bavarde Avenue and Albatross Road in Batemans Bay have been reporting an increase impact of sound and smell from the roosting flying foxes as numbers increase. Council is advising residents that the Buffer zones installed during the 2015-16 influx of flying-foxes are regularly maintained on council owned land by infrastructure services and parks and gardens. They offer that if there is a particular area of concern to contact them as they are happy to do an onsite visit to inspect its condition and or determine if the land is in fact owned by Eurobodalla Shire Council.

In their response to one Catalina resident they wrote saying "We continue to engage contractors for weed control on the vegetation at camps and buffer zones in areas such as the Water Gardens, Bavarde Avenue and Albatross Road."

"The increase in the smell that you may have noticed recently could be due to recent rain events, breeding season (males marking their roost) and a moderate increase during March of the numbers in the Catalina and Water Gardens camps."

Up to date information and a population graph of all 5 camps currently occupied in the shire can be found on Council's website at: http://www.esc.nsw.gov.au/living-in/natural-environment/animals,-the-bush,-and-the-coast/grey-headed-flying-foxes/flying-foxes-in-eurobodalla

Image: Eurobodalla Shire Council

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