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Forestry Corp stand accused at Corunna: Small minded, vindictive and callous

The Beagle Editor, As more than 50 people return to work after a peaceful morning quietly asking Forestry Corp NSW to PLEASE not build log dump 1 just centimetres from the Sea Eagle Exclusion zone, Forestry Corp immediately brought in the industrial machines to clear the log dump which was created within an hour of the public leaving.

Above: after the residents left this morning Forestry came in with heavy machinery ignoring residents request to leave a critical area alone.

This part of the logging at Corunna is completely discretionary - Forestry are not compelled in any way to do it - they simply are doing to show might against the powerlessness of the residents who have pleaded over and over for Forestry NOT to go ahead. There are many operational reasons which could have been drawn on to say no to this area - there is perhaps a few hectares only available in this last section, which Forestry have advised residents will be the last logging operation here before Corunna Forest becomes a National Park. How on earth is this baby sea eagle supposed to orient to its new world with loggers pulling down the habitat right on its doorstep. This community have been polite, law abiding, worked peacefully with police and Forestry staff, there have been no lockins or people attaching themselves to machinery. The residents have at ALL times been respectful of the fact that Forestry staff and logging contractors are simply doing their jobs. The community have tolerated the 100+YO Giants of Macquarie Street and stood witness on the side of the road every day as these magnificent trees come down. Yet a small request to spare the tiny area around the Sea Eagles nest is too much to ask?? Foresty Corp have really proved through this operation that it is a David and Goliath contest here and that the voices of quiet, reasonable, patient people who have asked so politely for their needs to be met is a waste of time. It appears as though the only thing Forestry will listen to is acts of aggression and violence which this community have refused to participate in! What a poor, poor exercise in PR the logging of Corunna Forest has been for this GOVERNMENT enterprise. What harm is there in working with the community? Name and Address supplied

Photos: Natalie Ashkenazi

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