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Sculpture on Clyde Artist profile: Susan Curran

“My sculptures just come, I don’t plan them,” said clay sculptor, Susan Curran. “They arrive and sometimes I look at them and they really surprise me.”

Following the warm reception of her sculptures at last year’s Sculpture on Clyde, Susan Curran has again been included in the exhibition which begins on Saturday, August 25 and continues through until Father’s Day, September 2.

Ms Curran, whose works are dominated by expressive female figures, began her artistic life as a potter but has explored many mediums and forms.

“Pottery was a hobby while I was teaching but I later studied ceramics, life drawing and sculpture at the Canberra School of Art,” she said.

After 15 years working as a potter, Ms Curran concentrated on running her gallery near Milton, while working on textiles - spun, knitted, dyed, woven and felted textiles.

“Approaching retirement, I returned to ceramics. I am hand-building larger pieces, mainly female figures,” she said.

“All those clothes I made have given me a sense of proportion of various females.

“I built a new wood fired kiln or two and am so enjoying creating with clay again. Figures come to life, especially after they have been on a woodfired train kiln journey.”

View the work of Susan Curran and many more artists at Sculpture on Clyde. This year sculptures will be exhibited across two venues: the Francis Guy heritage building, 5 Clyde Street and the spectacular Willinga Park at Bawley Point, which houses Terry Snow’s extensive and impressive collection of outdoor sculptures.

Entry to Willinga Park is $5 (which includes a catalogue and donation to Muddy Puddles).

Head to www.sculptureonclyde.com.au to book tickets. You can also book a bus between the venues, or pre-order a picnic hamper for two.

A Student Sculpture Walk, showcasing the talents of local school students, will begin on August 20. Follow the walk through Batemans Bay’s CBD to view sculptures displayed in shopfront windows and then vote for your favourite.

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