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Broulee Association presentation to Council Meeting 27th February 2018

Presentation to Council Meeting 27 th February 2018

Agenda Item - Recreation and Open Space Strategy 2018 (ROSS)

The Broulee Development Gateway process was a lengthy process involving amongst other things a public meeting attended by over 200 people and major changes required by the NSW Planning Minister before it could be re-submitted to the Minister.

The proposed development included over 7000 sqm of drainage reserve containing the only bangalay trees within the proposed development.

Assurance was given at a public consultation that this would provide a green space within the development and native trees would be retained.

Though many within the community weren’t comfortable with wording of Council’s development approval which required the ’retention of trees where possible’ we believed that Council by now understood the community’s sense of place and strong affinity with their village and the process should be allowed to proceed.

The total clear felling of the drainage reserve without any notice leaving the community to discover the disaster for themselves left us shattered.

Captain Oldrey Park reserve is now the ONLY and I repeat ONLY remaining unspoilt Bangalay Sand Forest within the Broulee Village.

Can Council and outsiders without any sense of place or any affinity for Broulee be trusted to dabble with the last piece of Bangalay forest in the village area?

The ROSS report plays around the edges and doesn’t support the recommendations or submissions of the Broulee Mossy Point community.

Council has to work hard to win back trust of the Broulee Mossy Point community.

It is requested that Council defer the Tomakin Mossy Point Broulee planning analysis section within the ROSS for further consideration with the community.

This would calm a looming conflict yet still allow work on other ROSS precincts to proceed.

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