Petition to save the BBay 50m pool

The public meeting in Batemans Bay indicated very strong community support to KEEP the 50m pool. It is now up to the community to tell the Council that it actually DOES want a 50m pool in the proposed new aquatic centre. You can help by showing your support in their online petition.

While Council will ignore the petition saying that it is not a true and accurate petition as anyone from anywhere could sign up using fictitious names they can NOT ignore the mountain of letters now coming in from schools and all the people they SHOULD have consulted with before they even began to consider removal of the 50m pool. Fight for the 50 encourage you to sign the petition: HERE Please help save Batemans Bays 50m pool. This asset belongs to the community. The Batemans Bay community is asking Eurobodalla Shire Council to reconsider their plans to replace a 50m pool with a 25m pool, in a planned new Aquatic/Arts facility with hydroptherapy, learn to swim and splash pool/park. These facilities are important because they will meet the needs of the community.The community has the 50m pool for 52 years because of a philanthropic donation by Edwin and Daisy Street (Streets Ice Cream). It is a community asset. Everyone who has wanted to use the pool has been able to. However, downsizing the lap swimming space by 33% to a 25m pool (equal to a 4 lane 50m pool) groups and individuals will be excluded/limited from using the 25m lap pool.Batemans Bay is 10th on the list of tourist destinations and a fast growing area. Downsizing the 50m pool to a 25m pool will not meet the needs of the whole community now or in the future.Eurobodalla Shire Council please reconsider your plans and include a 50m pool in the new Aquatic/Arts facility so this wonderful community asset will be for the whole community.

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