Invite for a chat with Clr Pat McGinlay - Narooma Sat Feb 24th

Hi good people

Just to advise that I am continuing my Saturday morning, 'have a coffee or a breakfast at a local cafe,and get into the ear of a councillor while you are at it' sessions

I hope over the term of my office to get to many great wee business's all over the Shire to get my ear bent and have an amiable discussion with anyone who cares to join me.

The next one will be at Casey's in Narooma on Saturday 24 February. I'll be there from 9.00 a.m., for an hour or more if anyone wants to have a yarn, tell me their views on anything at all or whatever. Probably out the back in the fresh air depending on the weather. The aim, as always, is to have an informal and respectful interaction. I want to hear your issues, and I will answer what questions I can. And I need to add this is NOT a council sponsored thing. I'm just doing this off my own bat (I'll buy my stuff, you need to buy your own coffee/tucker or whatever.)

Also, any other Councillor is welcome to come along.

Cheers Clr Pat McGinlay

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