Bridge opening restrictions assist traffic queues

In recent days there have been Heavy Traffic reports on of long queues coming into Batemans Bay from the Kings Highway. It has become the norm to see on "Heavy traffic conditions. Expect significant delays." Eastbound traffic affected. Allow extra travel time The RMS agreed to assist in alleviating the traffic difficulties that come from raising the Batemans Bay Bridge to limit its lift span operation hours by putting in place night lifts only between 6pm and 8am until Sunday 7th January

During the peak holiday traffic period there will he no bridge lifts carried out during the day from 8am to 6pm to allow traffic to flow across the bridge. Roads and Maritime Services advises that marine vessels will have reduced access to the Clyde River under Batemans Bay Bridge during the peak holiday traffic period.

To allow holiday traffic to travel along the Princes Highway. bridge span lifts will only be carried out at night on request between 6pm and 8am until Sunday 7 January.

Batemans Bay Bridge lift span will not be operating in the daytime between 8am and 6pm during this period.

Daytime bridge lift operations will resume from Monday 8 January.

The RMS will continue to monitor traffic levels when carrying out bridge lift span operations until the end of the summer holiday period.

To request a bridge lift between 6pm and 8am during this period you can contact the bridge operator on 02 4472 7263. "Proposed" TRAFFIC LIGHTS At the KINGS Highway intersection. Beagle readers might see images of "proposed" traffic lights in artist impressions of the new Batemans Bay Bridge design. On 9 November 2017 Member for Bega, Andrew Constance, was clear when he commented “I have concerns over RMS’s proposed design of the intersection at Princes and Kings Highway and don’t believe traffic lights are the right option. RMS need to propose a better alternative.”

Above: The proposed traffic lights are purely artist impression of a first draft BEFORE any public consultation or public submission and should NOT be taken as final. See full video below

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