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Efforts continue on the Durras Headland Footpath project

Efforts continue on the Durras Headland Footpath project and we are working with Council to fund this project. Thanks to Mayor Liz Innes, Councillor Maureen Nathan and ESC General Manager Catherine Dale for attending our meeting at Durras last Sunday to discuss this and other local Durras issues.

Liz also visited the footpath site to see in person why this is an important road safety priority for South Durras.

Above: Site of Headland footpath looking west

Above:Site of headland footpath looking east The Durras Community Association will soon commence a new fundraising effort for the footpath involving the sale of decorative pavers to be installed in the footpath. Help us fund the footpath by buying a paver that will have your own design on it. Stay tuned for further information on this soon! Your Durras Community Association