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Councillors resolution ignored and is now to be dismissed

The Beagle Editor,

For many years now there’s been significant community concern about the present Princes Highway Corridor as it passes through the Eurobodalla Shire. Often when the matter had been raised with the Local Council the standard reply has been it’s the responsibility of the State Government. Technically or from a local public servants point of view that may be the case, however it’s also the responsibility of our elected councillors to raise the matter and engage in meaning full discussions with the state governments responsible public servants on the matter. At the February 14 Council meeting our elected Councillors by resolution unanimously agreed to do just that, but for some reason the Council staff with the Councillors Delegated Authority have refused to enact a very clearly worded Council direction on the matter, providing no reasonable excuse for not doing as directed.

The council staff responsible for refusing to properly accommodate a Council Direction need to be counselled and reprimanded in regards to their very poor attitude and community respect.

It is time for Council and our Councillors to be involved in meaningful discussions with the State Government in relation to forward long term planning for a properly designed Princes Highway Corridor as it passes through the Eurobodalla Shire. The local public servants who are attempting to get in the way or stifle a long overdue discussion involving the whole community and the Community elected representatives about the future needs of the shires community in relation to the Princes Highway and what is likely to required of it need get out of the road and change their attitude and support a mature discussion about. Allan Brown Catalina

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