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Looking Back at Bermi - Next "Recollections" to be launched at Bermi Library July 28th

The August issue of the popular free local history magazine ‘Recollections,’ published by the South Coast History Society, will be formally launched at Bermagui Library on Friday July 28th at 10.30am.

“The reaction from locals to this new magazine has been absolutely amazing,” South Coast History Society’s Peter Lacey told the Beagle Weekly News.

“’Recollections’ has been enthusiastically embraced by the whole community. We are receiving considerable feedback from locals about the articles published in it, and we are now being sent many new and interesting articles from people all along the NSW south coast for us to include in future issues.”

“The August issue of the magazine also includes several new features that will become a regular part of ‘Recollections,’ thanks to enthusiastic support received from other local history societies. "One of these looks at an interesting object from the area’s past and outlines the history associated with it. "And another presents the history of a South Coast town – in this instance Batemans Bay - as recorded in old photographs.

“We also have some extremely good news for anyone interested in local history, which we will reveal at the launch on July 28th. So it will be really worthwhile coming to this event,” Peter suggests.

“But that’s not all. The President of the Bermagui Historical Society Allan Douch, the President of Montreal Goldfield Chris Franks and myself are taking this opportunity to discuss some of the history of the Bermagui area with those who attend on Friday July 28th,” Peter revealed.

“The area has an unusually diverse and an extremely colourful past. It has seen dairying, it has witnessed a goldrush, it has been and is a significant commercial fishing area, it has been a timber area, it’s a tourist destination, it’s been a significant coastal port, it’s a popular game-fishing area, and it has many other interesting attributes. There are numerous wonderful stories related to area that we will be sharing on the 28th, and we will also be encouraging those who attend to share their favourite stories about our past with everyone present.”

“This event at Bermagui Library is free, but those wanting to attend are asked to reserve their seat by calling the Library on 6499 2411.”

Those unable to attend the launch function for this August edition of ‘Recollections’ can request that a copy be emailed to them by emailing ‘Send Recollections’ to Earlier issues of this magazine can also be requested through the same address.

Included in the August issue of ‘Recollections’ is a story about the impact that the 1919 Flu Pandemic had on the area, quirky observations from 1936 about townships on the South Coast, recollections about the hippy population that moved to the south coast in the 1980s, several interesting old poems about the area, and several usual features such as a fun trivia quiz and a book review.

Further information about ‘Recollections’ and the South Coast History Society can be obtained by phoning 0448 160 852.

Above: The August edition of ‘Recollections’, to be released on Friday 28th August.

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