Local BMX club doing us proud

Locals on the weekend who found themselves at Bunnings would have encountered our local Batemans Bay BMX Club on the BBQ.

Above: some of the Batemans Bay BMX Team and support setting up for a HUGE Bunnings BBQ last weekend. Cooking 40kg of sausages, 10kg of onions all served on 30 loaves of bread later earned the club over $1000 and the saw them sell over $200 in raffle tickets. And every hard earned cent they raise goes into the club, the wonderful facilities they have built for the riders and the funds required to help our local kids compete at State level. Anyone following local sports will see the reports of how the Batemans Bay BMX Team compete strongly at the meetings they attend and the club has much respect around the State. It all comes down to the dedication of the committee, the passion of the riders and the support of families, friends and the TRACK TEAM. In order to practice and to have quality local competitions that build the experience required to race at State level the Batemans Bay Track Team does an incredible job of forming, shaping and maintaining the track they have created built around hundreds of volunteers hours, donations and fundraising efforts.

Looking over the photos below you might begin to appreciate what they have achieved for the kids (and big kids) of the area in the facility they have created. When they next make an appearance at Bunnings wander up and buy TWO sausage sandwiches and a handful of raffle tickets because they well deserve our community support.

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