Council's Town Signs Policy Version 1.2

Dear Beagle Editor, Next week will see the revision of the Town Signs Policy put up to Councillors

Council advises that it is currently developing a shire-wide signage strategy that will include consideration of town signs.

“The purpose of the Town Signs policy is to provide opportunity for communities to promote the location and character of their town or village in a simple and attractive form of signage that is sensitive to its environment in its location, size and design. This recognises the value to the community of signage that promotes local places of interest for locals and tourists alike (in consideration of) the specific characteristics of the proposed sign and its location (and)…..the views of the relevant community received through public consultation.’

The agenda description is so vague that almost anything could satisfy the criteria. Where is the mention of good or high aesthetic standard?

Where is mention of Community input to the design (not just the policy)?

In Batemans Bay we have signs that could easily be marketed as “snow-domes” and as yet I have not heard a single person in favour of them.

If Council truly wanted the signs to reflect community, maybe they should have had a competition to design them – a great community-binding awareness activity.

“The draft Town Signs policy should be (will be??) publicly exhibited for 28 days. At the end of the public exhibition period Council will be advised of any submissions received during the exhibition period and the draft Town Signs policy will be presented to Council for consideration to adopt….A further review of the policy will take place at the completion of the signage strategy.” Name and address supplied

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