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A letter from Councillor Maureen Nathan

Letter to the Editor

There has been some speculation and misinformation around the achievements of Council’s General Manager and the process by which her contract was renewed, and this letter presents some facts and my views on this matter.

Some months ago several of my fellow councillors and I researched the process around the General Manager’s review and contract, and the conditions surrounding it. In particular clause 5 of the Standard Contract of Employment for General Manager of Local Councils in NSW had to be considered. In NSW, a general manager must notify councillors whether a renewal of contract is sought or not, a minimum of 9 months before the contract is due to expire. We also carefully reviewed information provided by the Office of Local Government and Local Government Act on how a general manager contract is managed. In this respect, as this is a 'Confidential matter', there is no reported resolution until the Councillors have made their decision.

Councillors voted that the General Manager’s review which is undertaken against an agreed set of key performance indicators (referred to as KPIs) would be conducted by all Councillors with an independent facilitator. Previously the review committee had comprised only 3 councillors. Councillors selected the independent facilitator from a list of 4.

We then attended an induction day, followed by a day when we conducted the review. Prior to that weekend, I requested and reviewed Council’s current Delivery and Operational Plans, as logic dictated that if these had been delivered, then the key performance indicators had been met.

There were over 50 key performance indicators set by the previous Council. Each Councillor had to score each indicator, and hand the non-disclosed results to the facilitator who then created the average for each indicator which was presented to all councillors.

I am prepared to go out on a limb and divulge that the facilitator stated that he had never seen consistent high scores of this nature, and an average global key performance indicator that high. In other words, our General Manager Dr Catherine Dale delivered an outstanding result on the key performance indicators set for her.

Dr Dale sought re-appointment to the position of General Manager knowing that our current Council has a strong focus on working together on economic growth, business development and tourism and events to support the aims of the Community Strategic Plan’s thriving community. I cannot believe that a woman of her integrity and intellect would have done so if she did not think that she had the capacity to deliver (with an appropriate team to work with.)

There was no secrecy and there was no collusion on this matter. There was however, considerable and considered effort in the deliberations of your elected representatives.

It’s timely to remind readers that Councillors, community and staff have all been working together on the review of the Community Strategic Plan which was adopted by this Council at our last meeting. We received several very constructive submissions during the public exhibition period when everyone was invited to HAVE YOUR SAY. Next week Council will consider adopting the Draft Delivery Program 2017-21 and Operational Plan 2017-18. We received very few submissions, except on a couple of single issues. I can only assume from this that our community is satisfied with the direction this Council is taking.

You and your readers could take the time to get informed & read the comprehensive and extensive information provided on Council’s website and communications. Then get involved when you are invited to HAVE YOUR SAY on This way you too can help us to deliver a Thriving, Responsible, Healthy and Proud Eurobodalla!


Councilor Maureen Nathan

P.S. If readers would like to know more about what Council is up to I recommend you take the time to read our informative print Living in Eurobodalla residents newsletter distributed to around 26,000 homes every 3 months (all back issues available on Council’s website, regularly visit the home page of Council’s website to read the latest media releases and what’s on, subscribe to Council’s monthly online newsletter and tourism newsletter if you’re in business at and follow Eurobodalla Council on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube – you can find links to these sites at the bottom of the home page at

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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