Tuross has a new road name - Mylott Close

Councillors today moved to accept the proposed name of Mylott Close for the road that leads from Hector McWilliam Drive into Kyla Hall and Sporting precinct. The Tuross Head Progress Association wrote to Council indicating desire to have the unnamed access given an official name to improve communication of the location to emergency services and to visitors. Their preference was for Mylott Close based on the significance the family holds in the Tuross Head. The road type ‘Close’ was chosen as the Geographical Names Board description of a Close is a short, enclosed roadway preferred for cul-de-sacs. Four Mylotts have been played a key part in the Tuross Head history, Patrick, Patrick's wife Mary, their daughter Eva and a few generations later, Jenny.

Lastly Jenny Mylott (now Langdon) played an instrumental role in the creation of the www.turosshead.org community website

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