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Watch where you swim in wet weather

As rain continues across the east coast of Australia, Eurobodalla Council is reminding residents to avoid swimming at the beach, lake or river during and immediately after wet weather.

Swimming is not recommended during and at least one day after heavy rain at ocean beaches, and for three days at estuarine swimming areas because the waterways may be polluted.

People should avoid swimming if there are signs of water pollution such as discoloured water, fast flowing or strong smelling drains, or street litter such as drinking straws, food wrappers or leaves floating in the water or on the tide line. Murky or discoloured water often hides debris like logs and branches that can cause injury.

Council also warns that stormwater drains or lagoon openings can be sources of stormwater pollution and are also best avoided during and immediately after heavy rain.

While south east NSW has escaped the major flooding that hit our northern neighbours so hard, it is timely to repeat NSW SES advice not to walk, ride or drive in floodwater. Media Release

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