Possible Dog Park scope and costs

Dear Beagle Editor,

Much has been written in your popular publication about the proposal to have a Dog Park in Batemans Bay but so far we haven’t been told in any detail what is envisaged - despite repeated questions.

From the info supplied, though, by one of the commentators (thanks, Fenrir), the website Here and below gives a pretty good run down of what Dog Parks are all about and you would have to agree that they are fantastic areas for dogs and their owners/carers. This information is from South Australia where it should be noted that of that state’s 27 parks only three are not in the Adelaide metropolitan area. http://bit.ly/2nEaskf

Information on the above website tells us that on top of the land – up to 17,000 m2 – a good park has parking, pathways, heaps of fencing and gates, seating, shade, toilets, power and lighting, water fountains, drainage, doggie-do bag dispensers, garbage bins, dog equipment, signage, maintenance gear like mowers, shed, etc., etc..

Working on an area equivalent to just 4 quarter acre blocks, with the above features, including parking for 15 cars, I reckon the establishment costs would be well over $1,000,000, (and that’s not including any design, legal or DA costs, any longer term contingency for a club house) and ongoing annual costs are likely to exceed $30,000.

Why we couldn’t have been told before about the features and the costings is a bit odd.

Perhaps now in the light of this information, someone can officially tell us if this information is correct or otherwise, tell us where it is wrong.

Here is a rough calculation spreadsheet

(The above spread sheet can be emailed from the Editor on request)

Jeff de Jager

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