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Over 300 potential jobs lost for the sake of less than 300 Orchids

Below is a media release from Ann Sudmalis in regards to a decision that has been made to halt the proposed regional Motorsports Complex in Nowra due to "48 hours of last minute appeals made to one State MP who was not supportive". The Eurobodalla is not unfamiliar with Green intervention that has lobbied hard to overturn development, whether justifiably or not. The issue of the Broulee subdivision going before Council will see parties from both sides arguing for or against "development". The Rural Lands Strategy has been argued long and hard by those for and against rural development and the Bio-Certification issue along with the Coastal Management Plan have those for and against. The net result of all the lobbying and the "bent of the day" by those in power has a long lasting effect on what we become as a community. Investment brings jobs. Jobs encourage families to move and settle, that encourages further expansions in service provision with a larger population mass. But the downside is loss of other amenities such as peace, quiet, natural surrounds, affordable housing and low traffic. If the loss of the facility and project mentioned below is actually over the demise of 300 orchids how you you vote, or for that matter, how should a Councillor vote?. The Project or The Orchids? The very same questions will come up when Council moves to extend its runway at Moruya Airport with inclusions in its Master Plan such as: The current extent of the Aviation Tourism precinct north of Runway 04/22 is limited by the constraints on development to the north of the existing airfield perimeter fence. This land is designated as conservation area and serves important biocertification purposes. Nevertheless, this area offers one of the unique juxtapositions of airfield and coastal environment in Australia. The possibility of enhancing an ecologically-focussed tourism offering, at some point in the future, by appropriately integrating sustainable accommodation facilities within the vegetated area is a potentially attractive one from an economic viewpoint.Accordingly, this may warrant further investigation and determination of the precise constraints on development –geographically in terms of acceptable level of impact –to ascertain if there is any possible scope for permeability of this boundary to take advantage of the unique natural setting.

Above: the canned Nowra Motosports complex

On with the Media Statement from Ann Sudmalis Over 300 potential jobs lost for the sake of less than 300 Orchids

A Gilmore dream of a regional Motorsports Complex is buried in the roots of a not so rare plant, along with over 300 construction and ongoing jobs lost from the Shoalhaven.

The almost $11 million investment from the private sector and a co-funding grant of $9.75 million from the Federal Government has also been lost and cannot simply be transferred.

Support was provided by the South Coast MP, Federal Government Departments and Ministers.

However after 48 hours of last minute appeals made to one State MP who was not supportive; the final discussion with Motorcycling NSW resulted in a decision to withdraw.

They felt that it is all too hard and our community is the poorer for the outcome.

Research showed that a high quality off-road facility, as we have lost is far more attractive to riders than local level facilities. It would have reduced illegal trail bike use in our surrounding national parks and reserves.

The Motorcycling NSW operated Nowra Motoplex, that forms part of the project site is currently a club level off-road facility, with strong membership of around 1,800 people.

The Exercise, Recreation and Sport Survey, conducted by the Australian Institute of Sport between 2001 and 2010 identifies growth of around 50% in the number of motorsports participants in NSW over the recorded period.

As there was to be no camping at the site, the prediction of events would be a large increase in accommodation demand for the Nowra area, an impetus for new accommodation investment which is sorely needed and which is now lost.

Partnerships had been formed with TAFE Illawarra and an Indigenous employment agency. Jobs would have been across a range of skill levels, providing for low-skill and casual work for younger people and those entering the workforce, as well as career progression opportunities through to high-tech and advanced manufacturing and automotive positions.

These are the opportunities we’ve lost. Ann Sudmalis

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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