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Another great initiative by Region X

Region X, based in Batemans Bay is well deserving of the tourism accolades it has received in promoting the South Coast, not only at a regional and national level but more recently, at an international level as well. Traditionally based around kayak tours of our coastline and river systems Region X has branched out and has extended itself to hiking tours as well with the inclusion of one of the best walks in the country that is just at our back door. Pigeon House. The mountain we are all used to seeing on our north western backdrop goes by the Aboriginal name for the mountain Didthol, meaning Big Mountain and is culturally a significant area. Later it was named as Pigeon House Hill by Captain Cook in 1770 for its shape, clearly seen from the ocean.

The hike itself is an extremely rewarding experience, the views from the summit to the west into magical wilderness regions of the Buddawangs show sandstone cliffs, gorges and escarpments. Views to the east show the amazing NSW coastline stretching as far as the eye can see.

National Parks and Wildlife service grade this track at Grade 4, its rough, steep and a challenging hike. Region X does not recommend anyone with knee, ankle, heart or lung conditions to attempt the hike. Region X now offers hotel pickups in Canberra and Batemans Bay - South Coast NSW With the influx of new international visitors to the South East coming in via Canberra and with the increase in demand for unique tourism options Region X have once again placed themselves at the forefront of local tourism in the options it provides and no doubt further awards and accolades will follow.

Enjoy a quick video by Region X above

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