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With the coming of the NBN is it time to decentralise

The Beagle Editor,

For some time now comment has been made about the way the shire has developed in recent times. Businesses, retail in particular start up, but often after a short period close up leaving empty shops in the towns. The areas population is of an older demographic, generally. A high percentage of those living in the shire have fixed or very regulated incomes resulting in very controlled spending patterns. Employment opportunities for younger people are very limited generally in retail businesses. Political attitudes seem to be directed to economic growth in other than regional and rural areas of NSW for some reason. If political attitudes in the NSW Government could change or be influenced to support and promote decentralisation of employment and living to rural and regional NSW then productive economic growth could occur. The state politicians and the local council elected voters representatives need to have a discussion about changing the political attitudes toward stimulating employment opportunities in our area. Agriculture has moved to Armidale, Fisheries have moved to Coffs Harbour, Nowra and Orange have their quota of decentralised government . The State Government is a major employer as is CentreLink. Maybe we could expand more CentreLink services to the area with the rollout of NBN.

Allan Brown


Above: The South East needs "Jobs and Growth" for our young - not just political rhetoric.

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