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Tuross pathways

Dear Editor, I would like to see the shared pathway in Tuross Head completed. I would much prefer to see the section between Coila creek Bridge and Anderson Ave go through the community land/bushland where much bush regeneration has taken place over the years. This is in preference to a pathway in front of houses where dogs bark at you and sometimes one feels like they are intruding on peoples private space. Many people use the pathway on a daily basis and they live at Tuross Head because of its environmental beauty not its house fronts or backs. Also, this section of pathway, over time, has been getting larger and sharper gravel added to it. The gravel would be much better to be smaller and more rounded for the bare feet that use it and especially for the dogs that are walked along it.

I would also like to see a new section of the Tuross pathway built that makes its way along, or slightly above the shore line from the boat shed area of Trafalgar Rd through to ‘The Narrows’ at Skipjack Reach then down the side of the Tuross Community Gardens and meet up with the existing path that terminates prior to reaching Kyla Hall. This would be an exceptionally beautiful walk/cycle and a wonderful resource for locals and visitors alike. Even if pathways are constructed through the suburbs it is the natural environment that feeds and inspires this community. Council has successfully managed outside funding for such a project in other areas and I am sure could do similar to enhance everyone's appreciation of the Council and of Tuross if it did. Name and address supplied but withheld by editor. Editor comment: At the last monthly meeting of the Tuross Head Progress Association (THPA) held on 1 September 2016 members discussed Council’s request for input to the Shire’s pathways strategy plan with submissions to be considered by the Pathways Advisory Committee. The priorities for pathways within the village of Tuross Head were debated and as a consequence the following priorities for shared cycle/walks and footpaths were identified for submission on behalf of the community by the THPA. The highest priority was to complete the long awaited major “missing link” in the shared cycleway, being the section from the end on Monash Ave (West) at the bottom of Anderson Ave, and heading eastwards in order to connect with the end of the completed Cycle/Walk which is adjacent to the Coila Lake footbridge. This rough terrain unsealed footpad is heavily used by west-side residents of all ages, as it represents the only safe pedestrian and cycle route in order to join up with the cycle/walk that leads to the beaches and the only shopping centre in the village. The next highest priority section of pathway was the missing link of pathway on the southern side of Tuross Head along Nelson Parade, between the entrance to the boat ramp at Lavender Bay and the public toilet block in the Sandy Point Reserve car park (Boat shed precinct). Currently most local residents and tourists to choose to walk along the dangerous narrow section of bitumen road between these two popular landmarks as this is the most direct route, rather than deviate to the lower roadway that is also shared with vehicles and boat trailers following the edge of the foreshore of Lavender Bay. There was also strong support for a public footpath to be constructed along the northern side of Hector McWilliam Drive from Lake Street from west to east, in order to reach the T intersection of Allenby Road and Hector McWilliam Drive (East). The last section of pathway agreed to by members for submission was a continuation of the Cycle/Walk pathway route from the corner of Allenby Road at the Hector McWilliam “T” intersection, downhill along the western side of Allenby Road heading in a northerly direction, in order to join up the existing completed pathway on the corner of Monash Avenue and Bridges Avenue. Though the draft Pathways Strategy closing date for submissions was Saturday 24 September 2016 it is understood that others in the community have also indicated they would make submissions for a pathway along Hawkins Road, a pathway along Trafalgar Road, a connection of the cycleway to improve access for visitors staying at the Lakeside Caravan Park by widening the shoulder of Hector McWilliam Drive.The final decision is driven by priorities and recommendations by the Pathways Strategy Sunset Advisory Committee.

The missing link of concrete path that Council says developers have to build and pay for when they finally subdivide which could be decades away.

NOTE: Comments were TRIALED - in the end it failed as humans will be humans and it turned into a pile of merde; only contributed to by just a handful who did little to add to the conversation of the issue at hand. Anyone who would like to contribute an opinion are encouraged to send in a Letter to the Editor where it might be considered for publication

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