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Women's Resource Centre meeting June 4th

Women's Resource Centre

14 Peden St, Bega

1:30pm Friday June 4th

Women's Resource Centre invite the women of the Bega Valley to a Women’s Housing Round Table to discuss the housing needs and challenges for women and have some conversations about possible solutions.

In extending the initiation the Centre says "You may be aware that more and more women are ageing into poverty and that women over 55 are the fastest growing cohort of homeless in Australia. The Bega Valley is no exception to this. Every day here at the WRC we are supporting women who are experiencing severe financial hardship and/or who are homeless or living in unsafe or unstable accommodation.

"For decades our governments have failed to address the increasing rates of homelessness in our communities and neglected to adequately fund social housing which has led to the current crisis situation we find ourselves in today. We cannot continue to wait for governments to live up to their responsibilities in providing for the safety of all Australians. We need to take action now.

"Join us at the WRC to engage in a discussion about how we might be able to meet the housing needs of the women in the Bega Valley (and elsewhere). Bring along your ideas, suggestions and solutions so as a group we can try to piece together a strategy for women’s housing moving forwards.

"We will be looking at all types of models for meeting immediate need as well as planning for future need.

Here are some thoughts ideas that we’ve had …

• Developers might include a low income ‘rent to buy’ property into every new development

• Developers/builders might consider some kind of labouring contribution where someone doesn’t have sufficient funds to cover the deposit but can demonstrate the capacity to pay a mortgage.

• Community Housing providers might have the capital to build or purchase properties for approved low income earners under a ‘rent to buy’ arrangement

• Philanthropic organisations might create a scheme where they provide the deposit for a house for an approved applicant where the applicant then pays the money back in installments at no interest.

• Older women who are beginning to feel less confident living alone might consider having a housemate to share company and some of the household burdens.

• Women with property may be prepared for another woman to build a small home and pay a long term lease for the portion of land occupied.

• Women with some money might connect with other in similar situations to purchase a suitable property together.

• The formation of some kind of sponsorship scheme where people with means commit to subsidising the rent for women at risk of homelessness

"We’re really keen to hear any and all ideas as well as what you might be in a position to contribute eg legal advice, building advice, networks & connections, passion

"If you've got something to contribute please come along to the WRC 1:30pm Friday June 4th.

Hope to see you there

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