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Who will cut the ribbon at The Pav Grand Opening

The date and time has been set in late April for the ribbon cutting of the new Bay Pavilion. Invitations have already gone out to a cast of hundreds that will include ex-councillors, current councillors, ex-mayors, Australian and NSW Ministers, community leaders, community stakeholders and business stakeholders. It will be an event far greater than the grand opening of the Batemans Bay bridge as it will have a 45 minute tour of the facility and light refreshments will be served to the invitation only guests. But who will cut the ribbon? Given that the $70 million funding came from Federal ($25 million Regional Development Fund), State ($26 million Regional Growth Fund) and $19 million from Eurobodalla ratepayers it makes sense that there be one ribbon and three pairs of scissors. But who will cut is the question? We have a new Mayor to represent the ratepayers, a new member for Bega to represent the State and a new Federal member for Gilmore inheriting the right to represent the three tiers of Government. Many had thought that the ex-mayor and the ex-member for Bega would be the ones to have the honour but any such presence by them now would certainly taint the proceedings, especially given that it will be open just ahead of a Federal election. While the $26 million in State funding helped secure the facility it can not be forgotten that $8 million was derived from blatant pork-barrelling that left a sour taste in the mouths of many, especially our Bega neighbours who lost out to our project voted by an independent panel at 72 while theirs was voted number 1 and received no money at all. The Council invitation says "Australian and NSW Ministers" will be present along with the list of invited community and business stakeholders. There is no mention of Members of Parliament such as the current Federal Member for Gilmore, Fiona Phillips MP and Dr Michael Holland, Member for Bega. It is now understood that "Councillors" (with a capital C) will also include lower case "councillors" being ex-councillors. That means that the ex-mayor will most likely be invited as well.

There is little doubt that the ribbon cutting should fall solely to the current Mayor, the current Member for Bega, the current Federal Member to officiate. It would be inappropriate for an ex-mayor or an ex-member for Bega to be given any role in the proceedings, as much as it would be for other previous State and Federal representatives who were both directly, and indirectly, associated with the pork-barrelling of funding for the facility.

The media will be invited so I look forward to seeing how the protocols are handled, especially as it will be just a few weeks out from a critical Federal election. There will be lots of photos.


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