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Vote for us because we are standing for anything other than nebulous one liners

The Editor,

Very soon, we will have to vote in our local government elections. As somebody with a keen interest in these things I wanted to find out who was standing and what were they standing for.

I came across the "" website which helpfully listed the main "party" groupings, their candidates and each groups top three policies. Very helpful.

However, I was shocked to discover that ALL these groups are not standing for anything! For nothing meaningful anyway.

They all have a variation on "good governance", "accountability", "transparency", etc. etc. — good motherhood stuff.

Some have nebulous policies like "community partnerships", "housing affordability", "climate change", etc. which are areas of responsibility outside that of local government.

Not a single group has a policy to reduce rates, to improve Council service delivery. None address the appalling way Council is run, there is no interest at all in elected councillors taking more responsibility for developing, implementing and monitoring policy; they ALL seem happy with the status quo where they merely rubber-stamp the policies of the Council's bureaucracy.

We are NOT served well by this current crop of potential councillors. At best, we can look forward to another term of "same old, same old".

Surely, a diverse group such as we are being asked to consider can come up with some initiatives that will truely lift the bar on local government administration, that will promote a vision for Eurobodalla, that would give us something worthwhile to support.

It's not too late, one or more of these groups could re-think why they are nominating for council and what they could bring to the new council that would really improve our shire.

I live in hope,

Peter Anderson

Detailed below is a summary of the policies of each group:

Eurobodalla Labor

* good governance including honesty and transparency;

* building genuine community partnerships; and

* improving the liveability of the shire for all age groups.

Eurobodalla Greens

* the need for Council to be more accountable to residents and ratepayers;

* improving the liveability of the Shire through creating safer, better connected and more resilient communities; and

* environmental responsibility by working with Council staff to take action on climate change.

The Mayne Team

* improving transparency in Council decision-making and ways of conducting Council business;

* adopting best practice, informed development across the shire; and

* employment growth in Eurobodalla with a view to supporting jobs of the future.

Advance Eurobodalla

* retaining our unique & relaxed coastal character;

* protecting our much loved, unspoilt and precious environment; and

* facilitating job opportunities and housing affordability.

A Better Council

* open council with genuine public consultation and helpful staff;

* active lobbying for a Level 4 Hospital and local oncology radiation; and

* reduce Red Tape and encourage more affordable housing stock.