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Tomakin Twist Tops Bowls Report

Another beautiful Sunday for 28 Twisties, still some members playing in Open Fours in afternoon so good bowling to them . President Steven Hogan welcomed everyone especially to two visitors, Doug Meredith from Ulladulla and Mel Storta from Cooma . Best wishes to Flo as she starts treatment . Winners were those with Least Winning Ends, 5, Brett Megee and Tim Brown.Runners-up,7 ends , Tony Dobson, Leonie and Mel Storta.Rink 8 was selected to try for Jackpot , Patrick Wheelahan cut cards but no luck Other winning teams, Tricia Wheeler, Laurie Masterson and Steven Hogan.Ros Greenhalgh and Karen James. Margaret Carney and Karen Signor.Karen Crowe and Milka Starkovski. David Daverin and Tony Birmingham.Mel Storta as swinging Lead, Peter Crowe and Ross Miller. Lucky number winners, Karen Crowe on 17, Michael Voce on 9.Everyone welcome to Sunday Twist Tops, phone 44747019

Winners, Mel Storta and Tony Dobson