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Tomakin Twist Tops Bowls Report

President Steven Hogan welcomed the 18 bowlers present on Sunday, also commenting how good it was that 16 of our Twisties members were taking part in the afternoon Open Fours Tournament, so had the morning off. Great that Flo is back home and went to Bingo on Saturday, way to go Flo. Winners were those with Highest Winning Margin, Hot Lips and Moby Dick. Runners-up, Laurie Masterson, Janet Smith and Karen James. Other winning teams, David Daverin and Spike. June and Peter Crumpton. Moby Dick selected Rink 3 to try for Jackpot, winning Skip Peter Crumpton cut the cards but no luck with Joker, could only come up with 7 of Hearts. Lucky number winners on 18, Monty, 24 Bung, well done boys . Thank you to Tony " Bung " Birmingham for filling in for yours truly!!

Winners, Margaret Carney and Dick Morley