Think about it

Think about it by John Longhurst “Time for school Ella, up...... now.... come on.... it’s all safe..... hurry up!”

She thought about getting up. In fact everyone was thinking about it. Getting up. Getting back to normal. The pandemic was under control.

The government had been pretty successful in tucking everyone under the doona for the last six weeks. It was nice and warm and winter was coming.

But now no one was moving.

The whole country was comfortable in bed.

Everyone just thought about what needed to be done. They thought about having a shower, they thought about getting dressed, they thought about packing lunches, they thought about bringing the garbage bins in, they thought about catching public transport, they thought about going to work.

And then collectively everyone just rolled over.

And thought about it a bit more.

But no one was getting up.

The real economy was aghast.

The Prime Minister, as leader of the real economy, interrupted morning radio broadcasts with a plea “Australia wake up. Get out of bed. Let’s get things moving. Let’s snap back.”

Everyone wanted five more minutes.

Everyone was so focused on those five more minutes, it happened. It just happened.

There was no need to get out of bed.

The ‘Thinking About It’ economy was born.

In hindsight it was a logical development. From the real economy, to the technology inspired

virtual economy to the thinking about it economy.

Everyone just thought about what they should do.

Productivity soared. People thought about better ways of doing things. People thought about what they would like to eat, where they would like to travel to. People thought about all sorts of things.

Kids became astronauts with a bat of the eyelids. World problems were solved in a snore.

The simplicity and power of the ‘thinking about it’ economy shocked the pre pandemic world.

The ‘thinking about it economy’ soon dwarfed all other sectors of the stock exchange.

Obesity levels plummeted as people thought about going to the gym. Education levels soared as people thought about studying. Tourism boomed as people thought about going on holidays.

Anything could be achieved if you thought about doing it in the new economy.

“ELLA! I’m thinking about coming up there and getting you out of bed!”

Ella thought about that.

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