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Tackle World Mouya Fishing report

Moruya River. Sorry for the lateness of this post, stocktake is in full swing in the store, and I have been a little preoccupied this last week. There isn’t a lot to report for the Moruya river in general. The water is cold and the fish are responding to conditions. Those that have been finding the odd fish, have worked for them. Lure fishers are adopting a fish deep, fish slowly approach. Smaller soft plastics with a bit of extra weight on the head to get them deep have been the go, as have metal style blades. Towards the front of the system, the Preddy’s wharf area has seen a few visiting winter salmon. Small metals or lightly weighted white bait will tempt these hard fighting and fun fish to catch on light gear. Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot to crow about this week in Moruya.

Tuross River. Tuross is fairing slightly better than Moruya this last week, but not by alot. With a much larger system, and a whole heap more areas to explore, Tuross continues to be the areas premier system. Much like Moruya, Tuross anglers are also having to fish deep, fish slow to find a fish or two. Start be looking at the systems many holes, that traditionally tend to hold more fish this time of the year. The boat shed has an easily accessible one, while in front of four ways and under the Bodalla bridge are more areas to explore. Live nippers are also a good option, as fresh live baits. Fished lightly, and left to drift and waft naturally, they can be a great option to tempt lazy cold fish.

Rock and Beach. The salmon continue to keep the fishing action happening this last week. Good captures of solid sized fish have been reported all up and down the coast line. With no particular beach having any more fish than the next one. It is up to you to track down where they are holding this weekend. There continue to be good drummer from the rock platforms this week. While I didn’t manage to land any last weekend, the wife did, and she hasn’t stopped reminding me. My preference is for prawns as bait on a strong hook with minimal weight, and a loaf of cheap white bread for burley left to soak in a bucket. Slowly throw a handful of bread every 4-5 minutes and keep a feel out for what can be a very subtle bite.

Offshore. The yellowfin continue to be around for those keen to head out wide, while the snapper and flathead are still readily available in close for those that don’t want to cover long distances that the game crews need to. For the snapper, start looking in around the 20m marks, look for broken ground and any signs of bait fish.

The bait freezer is again restocked, with mullet fillet and bluebait being the only notable out of stocks.

The forecast for the weekend is looking quite winterish, with the winds making themselves felt, particularly on Sunday.

Stay safe everyone, and remember “every days a good day for fishing…” Team Tackle World Moruya.

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