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Tackle World Moruya fishing report Mar 4th

Moruya River.

You have all probably guessed what this weeks report is going to say, and you’d be right! Another East coast low has dumped a good amount of rain, on all ready saturated catchments, the results are now the norm. The Moruya river is running high, fast and very dirty. Localised flooding seems to be starting to recede as we move into the weekend, which is good. Fishing in the river, is going to be tough to say the least. Preddy’s wharf, and the airport flats are really going to be your only options this weekend if you want to try your hand. Oily baits of mullet fillet will be the best option if you want to give it a crack. There isn’t a lot I can really say to be honest, the fishing is going to be hard again.

Tuross River. With a similar sized catchment to Moruya, Tuross is yet again, high, fast and dirty. What fish that are still in the system, will be holding deep around the river mouth sections. Oily baits will be the go, if you want to brave the dirty waters. Coila lake was opened back up this week, as it yet again hit the magic 2m trigger point. That is 3 openings in 12 months, prawning will again be good for next summer.

Rock and beach. These areas, will yet again, be the main stay of fishing for the next few weeks, that is once the big east coast low swells subside! Conditions on the beaches are messy to say the least, with sea foam piles making beach or even water access very difficult. The sea state is predicted to drop off by Saturday to about 2-2.5m swells, so hopefully this will allow better beach access. The upside, is that big swells reinvigorate the beach environment, fresh gutters, lots of displaced food stuffs, will hopefully see an increase in fish activity. Look for beaches that are away from the major local rivers, and you should be able to find cleaner water.

Offshore. With big seas, no one has been getting out to try their hand. So I don’t really have anything to report. Once things do settle down though, the snapper and flathead should be on the chew though.

With masses of flood waters still present, and the chance of all local waterways rising rapidly again with any follow up rain, if it’s flooded…FORGET IT! If and when you do get back on the river or ocean for the boaties, remember to keep a close eye on what’s in front of you. Submerged debris will hang around for a while as the rivers and oceans settle.

We finally also have stock of inflatable PFD recharge canisters, so if you have been waiting for them to come in, they are here.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing…” Team Tackle World Moruya.


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