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Tackle World Moruya Fishing Report

Moruya River.

Well the Xmas holiday period has officially come to an end, with the kids all back at school and everyone back to work, Moruya can go back to its normal sleepy self. At least until Easter.

The weather continues to play a major role in how the river is fishing still. With continuing rain falls, and inclement weather cycles, we will continue to see less than ideal conditions. The dirty/tannin stained waters haven’t stopped the mud crabs from hanging around, with more crabs finding their way into local pots this last week. Try any of the side arms or creeks around mangrove sections for best success. We sell a 2 pack of whole mullet if you haven’t kept any fish heads or frames in the freezer to bait your pots.

The airport flats continues to hold good numbers of flathead, as does the area around Preddy’s wharf. Bream, trevally and the odd salmon have also been taken from Preddy’s wharf.

The fishing up around the town bridge has been slow this week, but for those prepared to spend a bit of time there, a few Flathead, bream and whiting have been found.

With still more rain on forecast, don’t expect the river conditions to improve for a while.

Tuross River.

With boat traffic on Tuross now returning to normal, we can expect to see the fishing on Tuross to slowly start to pickup again, as the fish return to their normal habits. All be it under the influence of these consistent rainfalls. The whiting have been slowly starting to reappear in the lower sections of Tuross this week, while flathead and bream continue to offer anglers a consistent option around the lower section of the system and the oyster leases.

Live poddy mullet, nippers and squirt worms all working a treat to tempt fish that have seen high angling pressure this season. Squirt worms have been hard to find though, as the inundation of fresh moves them from their usual haunts to lower down the system. Nippers will start to repopulate the nipper beds now that the pressure has eased up on them. This will take a bit of time though.

Rock and beach.

Salmon continue to be in good numbers from the local beaches, as do bream and whiting around the beach/headland corners. Live worms when you can find them are the best bait for both the bream and whiting, but a live nippers will also work and are much easier to find.

Drummer from the stones are also an option coming into the weekend. Baits of prawns or cunji mixed in with a bit of bread used as burley will bring them right to your feet from the rocks.


With the forecast looking less than perfect for the weekend, a constant 2m SE swell running, the offshore crews will have to balance the returns for effort if considering going out this weekend. There have been reasonable catches of flathead in 20m of water reported this last week, with snapper holding in the magic 30-40m mark of water depth. The wind is forecast to remain a fairly constant SE direction, keeping weekend temps down, and conditions sloppy to say the least.

Please watch the Moruya breakwall bar crossing before attempting it, we really don’t want another incident this weekend. As stated previously, the Moruya bar cam has been upgraded to offer a good picture of what is happening in real time. There isn’t any reason, with most people these days having a smart phone, why you can’t check the conditions before even putting the boat in at Preddy’s wharf. Please be safe.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing…”

Team Tackle World Moruya.


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