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Tackle World Moruya Fishing Report

Moruya River.

The river is slowly but surely starting to clear up. We have gone from 0 visibility

and dirty water, to clear but tannin stained water conditions. The tannin colouration shows there is still lots of fresh water coming out of the mountains, but at least the visibility is improving.

Towards the front of the system, there have been good catches of flathead, trevally to 40cm, bream and even the odd whiting being caught. Preddy’s wharf in particular has continued to offer holidaying anglers the chance to get into some nice fish, with flathead and Trevally showing up to delight many fishos.

The Garlandtown flats, as happens his time of year, is showing signs of heavy angler usage, and as such, nippers are a bit harder to find than normal. Persist and you should be able to find enough nippers for a fishing session.

The flats under the town bridge are again showing good signs of improvement, with bream and flathead again making regular appearances for those fishing from the bridge after dark. Soft plastics fished over the flats and sight cast to cruising fish is a great way to try and get the big one!

As the water continues to improve, you can expect that the areas in front of the hospital will also start to hold more fish, again opening more options to anglers fishing Moruya river.

Matt Bell from the bowling club had success on the mud crabs this week, as he tried his hand at crab pots for the first time. After placing his pots at the mouth of a couple of Moruya’s feeder creeks, he ended up with what looked to be a nice 1.5-2kg crab for his efforts.

Tuross River.

Flathead continue to the dominant captures in Tuross this week, with 80cm+ fish being caught for many anglers. There are plenty of smaller fish to work through as well, so there is something for everyone in this rec only fishing haven.

Bream are once again showing up in the snags and rack that this system is famous for, so hard body lures and soft plastics are once again becoming more affective as the water starts to clear once again.

Reports of whiting on the flats are starting to slowly filter through, making surface lures a slightly better proposition than in weeks past.

Improved fishing conditions give all anglers a bit more breathing space, as we don’t have to fish in each other’s pockets down towards the front of the system, to find a fish or two.

Clyde River.

Reports coming from the bay haven’t been that many, but I have had reports from those chasing mulloway that the system seems to be be plagued with soapies the moment. Soapie are small juvenile mulloway, that funnily enough, taste like soap when eaten! Mulloway are one species that eat better the bigger they are. The Clyde has several well known spots for those chasing the mighty grey ghosts. The breakwall around the marina and helipad, the bridge pylons of both bridges and several of the deep holes further upstream around big island all have been known to hold good numbers of fish.

Rock and Beach.

Salmon, tailor, bream and whiting all continue to hold on the beaches this week. So there will most definitely be something for all anglers to chase this weekend.

The rock ledges continue to also produce salmon, drummer and the odd squid as the waters clean up. Just be aware that there is still a bit of swell running, so make sure your chosen ledge is safe to fish before setting up. I can’t count how many times I’ve made a trip to a particular ledge, only to pull the pin on fishing it, when conditions haven’t been safe to do so.


Snapper, flathead, mowong and gummy sharks have all been reported this last week for those venturing outside. For those crossing the Moruya bar, please wait and watch before doing so! I had an unconfirmed report of a small boat operator being knocked out of the back of his boat this week after being hit by a wave on the 2nd bar at the end on the breakwall.

Moruya bar cam link is in the comment session below, having been recently upgraded to a higher definition camera, the picture quality allows you to see exactly what is going on before leaving home or the boat ramp. It also gives a great view of how many anglers there are on the breakwall!

Dirty Water Bream Tactics – Tackle Tactics with the waters in all the local estuaries still less than perfect, here is a good article on dirty water breaming. Link also in the comments section below.

Stay safe everyone and remember, “every days a good day for fishing…”

Team Tackle World Moruya.


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