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Swim the Rainbow coming to Batemans Bay

Rainbow Club: Sunday 9.00am – 12.00pm @Bay Pavilion, 12 Vesper Street, Batemans Bay Rainbow Club provides a weekend, social and sporting activity in the local area where a child with a disability can participate – similar to their siblings without a disability. Their unique Swim the Rainbow program has been specially designed to teach children with a disability using structure, reward and progress in a social, fun and supportive aquatic environment. Their new, improved Swim the Rainbow 2.0 program personalises learning to swim, includes social participation and leads to structured squad classes.​ The swimming goals are aligned to the seven colours of the Rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet). When working on the basic goals, it is all about safety. Once a child has mastered the basic goals, the class is expanded to include more than one child. Having more than one child in a class encourages social participation and introduces concepts such as taking turns, competing, winning. Swim the Rainbow helps a child’s confidence increase as the personalised attention can enable a child to progress more quickly and many go on to participate in group classes. As the rapport between teacher and child grows, this helps to eliminate either a fear of water or over-confidence in their abilities around no water (no fear). Personalised classes Swim the Rainbow provides personalised swimming classes which are essential for children who:

  • are petrified of the water

  • have sensory/behavioural needs and require extra attention

  • have behavioural issues and cannot be placed in a shared class

  • have challenges processing instruction and cannot cope in mainstream clases (they need a slowly, slowly approach)

  • have physical disabilities and need the full attention of a teacher

Qualified teachers Rainbow Club qualified, dedicated swim teachers are led by experienced lead teachers. They:

  • build a rapport with each child which, in turn, builds the child’s confidence in the water ​

  • work out what does/doesn’t work with each child to achieve good outcomes ​

  • follow our Swim the Rainbow program and use visual aids when needed to reinforce important goals and instructions ​

  • have support from a team of Occupational Therapists who provide individual and general advice ​

  • benefit from the Rainbow Edge, our specialised professional development program for teachers of children with a disability

Certificates Twice yearly, a Certificate of Achievement is issued to members showing progress achieved and goals to focus on in the next term. A Rainbow Club term is generally a nine (9) week term which begins on Week 1 of the NSW school term calendar. The weekly classes are 30 minutes in duration. Each Rainbow Club has allocated times for classes.

Rainbow Club welcomes applications from qualified swim teachers to fill existing vacancies and enable us to increase the capacity of their Clubs so they can help even more children with a disability learn to swim. Enjoy the rewards of teaching children with a disability. Swim Teacher jobs $33-$37 per hour

To be filled immediately Batemans Bay Rainbow Club Sundays 9.00am to 12.00pm Lead Teacher jobs $42.50 per hour

To be filled immediately Batemans Bay Rainbow Club Sundays 9.00am to 12.00pm Apply Here

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