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Suggestions For Exercise On Our Seashores

Unfortunately Nature Coast Marine Group is unable to organize rock platform walks or beach rambles during this time of social isolation but maybe you or your family may like to get some exercise and enjoy our marine intertidal areas when the weather is warm.  Check the wind and swell conditions before going and always keep an eye on the waves while exploring.


Over the next few weeks the best low tides are in the early afternoons from Tuesday 7th to Thursday 9th April.  Most of the rock platforms in the shire are upended rocks which make walking difficult, however, Broulee rock platform and Broulee Island are easier walking and have interesting pools.  Congo rock platform is also fairly level but is exposed to larger swells.  Narooma’s rock pools are worth exploring when the tides are very low.  Access is best near Australia Rock at the start of the southern breakwater (park at the lookout).

Take the time to stand and stare as many creatures are well camouflaged.  Encourage the kids to look in crevices, under rock overhangs and among the seaweeds and cunjevoi as these often hide crabs, colourful anemones and starfish.  But don’t put your hands in these hiding places in case a blue-ringed octopus or an eel is at home there.


From Wednesday 15th until Sat 18th April the low tides are around 0.6m in the mornings.  These tides are more suitable for exploring the strand line of our beautiful beaches especially if the seas have been rough.  Check out the root-like holdfasts of any kelps that have washed ashore, they often hide tiny creatures.  It is also the season for giant cuttlefish ‘bones’ to wash ashore, as well as the ‘bones’ of many smaller species of cuttlefish.  If the beach is not in a sanctuary zone you may like to collect one or two attractive seashells.


Nature Coast Marine Group would like to have photos of people and families enjoying our Marine Park.  If you are willing for these to be used on the Group’s Facebook page please send the snaps  with the names of the people.

If you find anything that is very interesting or puzzling please send NCMG the photos.  Someone will try to identify them if necessary, let you know, and feature them on the Group’s Facebook page or website (

You can email photos to

This photo was taken a few years ago – Bill Barker was using a shiny wire to try to tempt an octopus out of its hiding place at Broulee


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