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Sign of the times for Driver Reviver

Transport for NSW is helping to keep Driver Reviver volunteers safe with the installation of state of the art remotely activated LED signage being rolled out across several Driver Reviver sites across the state.

The signage is being installed by Transport for NSW through the Australian Government’s Driver Reviver Site Upgrades program.

Transport for NSW Executive Director Community & Place (ROM) Anthony Hayes said the $2.6million investment will go towards signage upgrades at 30 Driver Reviver sites across the state.

“Motorists will more easily see these LED sings and have more time to make the choice to drive in, have a rest, swap drivers and continue their journey safely,” Mr. Hayes said.

“Fatigue is one of the leading killers on our roads, contributing to about 15 per cent of fatalities so far this year. More people die and are seriously injured in fatigue crashes than drink driving crashes.

“Fatigue-related crashes are almost three times as likely to be fatal than crashes not involving fatigue because drivers who have fallen asleep can’t break.

“Don’t trust your tired self – it's important to stop, revive, survive.

Mr Hayes said an additional 69 new static LED signs would be installed at selected Driver Reviver locations across the state advising motorists of the location and whether the nearby site was in operation.

“The new digital signs are also remotely controlled and volunteers from Driver Reviver locations can simply drive past one of these signs to activate it, providing an additional safety benefit for volunteers, who would normally have to walk or drive to the sign location, get out of their vehicle, and manually open and close signs on the side of busy roads.

“New electronic signage has already been rolled out, at several locations in the southern part of the state, including on both the north and south bound sides of the M1 motorway in Kiama”.

“More sites are expected to be upgraded throughout 2023.”

“Driver Reviver has been operating in NSW since 1990, with volunteers from all ages and backgrounds providing a warm welcome and ‘cuppa’ to motorists during peak holiday periods, including school holidays and long weekends,” Mr Hayes said.

Ron Micallef, Kiama Lions Club Driver Reviver coordinator said the signs were located around 500 metres from the turn in to a Driver Reviver site, giving drivers time to pull off the road safely, while helping to promote the right message - ‘Stop, revive and survive’.

“When you see that sign, pull in, have a free cuppa, have a rest and take on the next part of your journey rested and refreshed” Mr Micallef said.

More information about the 42 Driver Reviver locations in NSW, can be found at Driver Reviver Sites.

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