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Piers being sunk at Korners Park for temporary wharf to help remove old bridge

Locals have had their curiosity piqued by piers appearing on Korner’s Park foreshore on the Clyde River Northern Foreshore at the waters edge .

Local have gleaned that there are three presently in situ with three more large ones to come and three smaller ones that will be used for tension purposes. It is understood that these will form the infrastructure for a temporary wharf to be used for the dismantling of the old bridge structure with the wharf and piers removed after the old bridge is demolished. Installation of the additional piers will start next Monday . The two open settlement pond : the one on the south side is under construction but the one planned for north side can’t be built until after the old bridge is removed.

Disappointingly it is understood that the much looked forward to Pedestrian Only Day inviting community participation in the opening of the new bridge at Easter is to now be avoided on the basis that local participation would not be encouraged because of Covid - 19 restrictions. Instead of a Pedestrian Walkover it is understood that only a small number of official VIPs will be invited to attend “a low key event“.