Over 80 Skydivers came together over the Australia Day Weekend

Over 80 Skydivers came together over the Australia Day Weekend (23-25 January) for Pride

Boogie, Australia’s first LGBTQIA+ skydiving festival.

Australian Skydiving is as diverse, as it welcoming. Pride Boogie celebrated this diversity,

encouraging all Australians to get involved in this daredevil sport no matter their age,

sexuality, gender or background.

The Pride Boogie kicked off with a spectacular 3 Flag Jump with skydivers flying the

Australian, Indigenous and Pride flags to symbolise the inclusive nature of the sport, to

recognise the Yuin people as traditional owners of the land where the Pride Boogie took

place, as well as mark Australia Day.

Images: Atawhai Charteris

After the flag jump, the skydivers took to the skies making over a 1,000 jumps over the

weekend, including the Big Gay Way.

The Big Gay Way consisted of LGBTQIA+ jumpers coming together in formation in the sky

flying streamers to represent the colours of the Pride Flag. The challenge has been set to

form larger formation of LGBGTQIA+ skydivers in the future.

Immediately after jumping the Pride Starcrest, Ebbony Bradford proposed to her partner,

Shana Harris, an absolute highlight of the Boogie, with celebrations of their engagement

going well into the night.

Pride Boogie was the idea of Marcus Bourget, a former chairman of the Sydney Gay and

Lesbian Mardi Gras. Marcus said “Pride Boogie is Mardi Gras for LGBTQIA+ adrenaline

junkies. Jumping out of planes at 15,000 feet makes equals of us all as can be seen by how

many straight people came together to celebrate the weekend with their queer brothers

and sisters. Australian skydiving is a sport for everyone, so get involved and see what the

stoke is all about”

Pride Boogie is set to become an annual event on the Moruya calendar, an annual

celebration of good times, community and adrenalin.

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