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NSW to introduce covid check-in card

Government News reports: The NSW government will introduce a COVID-Safe check-in card that can be scanned at supermarkets and shops as an alternative to smartphone check ins.

Digital and customer service minister Victor Dominello says customers will be able to register for the card via the Service NSW website, download and print it or have a plastic card mailed out.

Contact details will be stored within a QR code on the card, which will populate the webform when scanned by the business.

The card will make checking in faster and safer and put an end to manual check-ins, Mr Dominello says.

“We want to make sure the COVID-Safe check-in as safe and as accessible as possible, which is why we’re introducing the COVID-19 check-in card,” Mr Dominello said.

“The days of seeking out somewhere to manually sign in with pen and paper should be an absolute last resort.”

Meanwhile the government has also introduced updates to the Service NSW app.

The first means people will be able to choose to extend their app login time by up to four hours removing the need to constantly re-enter their PIN.

It also means they won’t have to remove masks to reactivative face ID so often.

The second enhancement to the app will allow people to review their check in history and add or amend check out times.

The additional features will be available from August.

This article was first published in Government News